From Aimo e Nadia
to Negrini e Pisani

It is 1962, Aimo Moroni and Nadia Giuntoli open a trattoria in the southwest suburbs of Milan, on Via Montecuccoli, Trattoria da Aimo e Nadia. The two chefs, in the early years, offer the cuisine of their home region, Tuscany, whose history, traditions, and products they know, and from which many of the raw materials they use in their preparations come.

From the Seventies, characterized by the euphoria of the beginning, experimentation and study of recipes, to the Eighties-Nineties of the first Michelin Star awards, Aimo and Nadia revolutionized the idea of Italian Haute Cuisine, transforming a trattoria into a point of reference for Milan and beyond.

The new Millennium opens with the need for Aimo and Nadia to find someone to whom they can pass the baton of the business, aware that they have achieved numerous milestones and fulfilled the dream of having made a small trattoria a magical place appreciated all over the World. In 2012, the historic sign passed into the capable hands of Chefs Fabio Pisani and Chef Alessandro Negrini, who carry on the legacy of the couple by enhancing an idea of cuisine that celebrates the ingredient to become a synthesis of taste memory and contemporaneity.

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I agree with Wilde:
Tradition is a
successful innovation


A pair of chefs who find balance in diversity: Alessandro Negrini and Fabio Pisani harmoniously blend two cultural and gastronomic identities, those of Northern and Southern Italy. Two different origins and personalities that share the same approach to cooking. With deep respect and an awareness of the need to preserve the Italian culinary heritage, Chef Negrini and Chef Pisani constantly seek a new path starting from solid and current roots. Alessandro Negrini and Fabio Pisani are the successors of an approach that first saw the light of day back in 1962 but still continues to evolve today. Through their creations, they rewrite stories of territories and products and explore the infinite possibilities of transforming and reinterpreting dishes.

logo Il Luogo ristorante stellato

Il Luogo Aimo e Nadia: the historic, Michelin-starred restaurant, a messenger of Italian gastronomic identity, where memorable dishes were born that still leave their mark on the hearts of those who taste them.

Logo Voce Aimo e Nadia

Voce Aimo e Nadia: a fluid environment that embraces art, culture, and food through diverse experiences: from the Museum to the Gusto17 Signature Cafeteria and Artisanal Ice Cream Shop, from the Gourmet Restaurant to VOCE in the Garden.

BistRo Aimo e Nadia: a space where gastronomic excellence and experimentation meet the creativity of Rossana Orlandi, perfectly blended with the charm of interior design created with fabrics and prints by Etro Home.


Here, lovers of Italian Haute Cuisine can stay up-to-date on the latest culinary creations, special events, and collaborations. Follow the Aimo e Nadia Group on this constantly evolving culinary journey.

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An extension of the Aimo e Nadia Group‘s unique dining experience, combined with the sophistication and attention to detail of the entire team, to enhance your events and make them unforgettable.


With the Dispensa project, chefs Alessandro Negrini and Fabio Pisani give voice to Italian cuisine to bring it to everyone’s tables through products of excellence obtained thanks to the care and passion that the best Italian producers devote to raw materials. Buy products at VOCE or online at Destination Gusto.

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