Opening of the trattoria

Aimo Moroni and Nadia Giuntoli were born in Tuscany, in the province of Pistoia, he in 1934 in the town of Toscani di Pescia, she in Chiesina Uzzanese in 1940, both children of carabinieri. They met in the immediate postwar period in Milan and soon fell in love. Like so many of their generation, they moved to Milan to seek their fortune and found work together, in a tobacco bar. It is not only an emotional bond that unites them; both Aimo and Nadia cultivate dreams of opening their own restaurant. It was 1962, Italy was in the midst of an economic boom, when Trattoria da Aimo e Nadia opened on Via Montecuccoli in Milan’s southwest district, destined to soon become Il Luogo Aimo e Nadia.

In their early years, the couple Aimo and Nadia offer the cuisine of their homeland, Tuscany, whose history, traditions, and products they know and from which many of the raw materials they use in their preparations come. At the same time, they approach the gastronomic culture of other regions, experimenting with new combinations of ingredients and flavors. The 1970s were characterized by the search for an identity of one’s own to give value to the rich national food and wine heritage, which at that time was considered distant from the haute cuisine of a purely French setting.

Michelin star

The end of the 1970s represents the turning point, after some years spent doing research: the Trattoria da Aimo e Nadia begins to be noticed by the Italian press and gastronomic critics for its excellent raw materials, great respect for the original flavors and the enhancement of the specificities of the territories. It was during these very years that a complete restyling of the restaurant marked a first major milestone: the Trattoria became Ristorante Aimo e Nadia and was awarded a Michelin Star, recognition of hard work and a culinary identity that added value to the history of Italian territories.

The 1990s

The decade of the 1990s sees the entry of their daughter Stefania into the family business, with public relations initiatives that allow them to spread the knowledge of this cuisine in Italy and abroad. The two chefs are internationally recognized as those who have managed to find a way to interpret and re-propose the rich Italian gastronomic culture in an innovative way. In these years a new identity is given to the restaurant, which becomes Il Luogo Aimo e Nadia, characterized by a project that combines art, culture and food, an interweaving that will become the distinctive feature of the Aimo e Nadia Group.


The new millennium

The new Millennium marks the beginning of the collaboration with chefs Alessandro Negrini and Fabio Pisani with the goal of carrying on the passion and dedication that has always distinguished Il Luogo Aimo e Nadia. As of 2012, the leadership of the restaurant officially passed into their hands, and together with Group CEO Stefania Moroni, daughter of the founders, they continue the path begun sixty years earlier by exalting an idea of cuisine that celebrates the ingredient to become a synthesis of gustatory memory and contemporaneity. The dining team also finds a new balance with the arrival of sommelier Alberto Piras and maître Nicola Dell’Agnolo, key figures in defining the new identity of Il Luogo.

The birth of BistRo and VOCE

In April 2018, the two chefs Alessandro Negrini and Fabio Pisani and Stefania Moroni, in collaboration with Rossana Orlandi and Etro, created the BistRo Aimo e Nadia: a bistro that combines the charm of interior design with the pleasures of taste and conviviality. In the same year, the Aimo e Nadia Group and Intesa San Paolo signed a partnership that led to the creation of VOCE Aimo e Nadia, at the Gallerie d’Italia in Piazza della Scala 6. A fluid space where the Cafeteria, Ice Cream Shop, Pantry, and Gourmet Restaurant converge, which, from June 2020, can be experienced outdoors with VOCE in the Garden, where Alexander’s Garden of the Galleries joins that of the Manzoni House.

What lies ahead

“Let us embrace the future with an open heart and a bold mind, for that is where opportunities reside”

– Chef Negrini and Pisani

The Aimo e Nadia Group intends to continue with determination the project started in 1962 by the two founders, exalting and celebrating Italian gastronomic culture, with a sustainable future vision full of opportunities. The group’s goal is to spread the culture of Italian cuisine in the world, inspiring a new generation of chefs towards the search for a culinary identity linked to the territories of our country.