Our philosophy

"Bene" and "Buono" always win,
as my mother used to say.


In the 1970s, Italy’s food and wine heritage was far from the high standards of French-style cuisine; Aimo and Nadia played a pioneering role in establishing the philosophy of Italian Haute Cuisine. A major revolution that focuses on raw materials selected through a close relationship with suppliers to ensure the best ingredients from the Italian peninsula. A culinary philosophy that elects the product and the territory as the true protagonists of the kitchen: it is the cook who enhances the ingredient and not vice versa. In fact, an ingredient carries with it the history of the land where it was born and grows and that of the producer who processed it.

Aimo e Nadia’s cuisine is based on the preparation of culinary proposals with full respect for the history, provenance, wisdom and care of raw materials, with an eye always turned to surprising innovation with new dishes and combinations of different ingredients. From a Tuscan to a national cuisine, Aimo and Nadia tell the story of Italy through landscapes, flavors and traditions, with creative and authentic reinterpretations.

In between traditions
revisited and
modern culinary art


Chefs Negrini and Pisani charted a course in historicity and innovation. The starting point is the same as that of the husband and wife team of Aimo and Nadia: the richness of the Italian territory, from which they recover the raw materials, scents, and flavors through a strong relationship with the producer. A culinary philosophy inherited from the past and actualized in a modern vision that is embodied in a distinctive and creative path called Territories: a new grammar between gustatory memory and contemporary gesture. This is accompanied by their creative genius with subtle reinterpretations of Aimo and Nadia’s best-known recipes promoted with flying colors by them, and new ideas that embrace the two chefs’ cultural experiences and traditions.

The history of the Aimo e Nadia Group is marked by encounters between people, ideas, looks, tastes, smells that seem to be destined for an unbreakable bond even before they find themselves close. The meeting between Aimo and Nadia marks the beginning of a personal and professional journey that has seen them engaged daily for more than 50 years in carrying on their business with undiminished enthusiasm. The meeting between chefs Alessandro Negrini and Fabio Pisani and the founders’ daughter, Stefania Moroni, sanctions a new collaboration and the birth of a project that will bring the opening of two new restaurants in 2018, BistRo e VOCE.

Two intersections in two different eras, but with a similar ending: from the union of tastes and experiences, a great love and culinary philosophy was born. Today, chefs Negrini and Pisani, together with Group CEO Aimo and Nadia, lead the project by projecting into the future a vision of contemporary cuisine while respecting the original flavors.