Idea and soul

BistRo is a place that encapsulates the elegance and taste of hospitality, open to all who seek excellent service and a gourmet cuisine. The cuisine of BistRo is based on the same principles found in Il Luogo Aimo e Nadia: Italianness, careful selection of raw materials and respect for the producers and the territory. In BistRo ‘s gourmet kitchen, these principles are applied to simpler offerings.

Since 2022 it has been Sabrina Macrì who has taken the reins of BistRo. After attending ALMA International School of Italian Cuisine and working at Quadri Restaurant in Venice, he joined the kitchen brigade VOCE Aimo e Nadia and then landed in 2019 at Il Luogo.

Under the guidance of Chefs Negrini and Pisani, his masters and mentors, all his talent emerged. Now, as a young chef at the helm of an iconic Milanese restaurant, Chef Macrì enhances BistRo through an imprint of Italian-ness.

When I am in the kitchen and I have my jacket on, I am happy and I can express myself. People come in, sit down, taste and appreciate. I express myself like this...



It's cocktail hour!

At BistRo you can enjoy the aperitif in an intimate location with charming furnishing, kicking off the evening in the best way possible.