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Synonym of a great cuisine, inspired by tradition, “Il Luogo di Aimo e Nadia” is one of the temples of Italian gastronomy. What makes it world-famous is the vivid creativity of its two exceptional chefs, life-time companions united for more than half a century by a true passion for “doing things as they should be done.”
In the beginning, there was only the great desire to create something. In an after-war Milan, Aimo and Nadia, still youngsters, reached Milan with their Tuscan family members. In 1955, he opened a restaurant in Via Copernico, and she gave a hand. At Aimo’s, one ate well, and the customers increased. A few years later, in Via Montecuccoli, the trattoria was already a ‘table set with wonders’ that all the world loved. The Michelin Guide raved, awarding many stars of merit, and there followed the due success.
Aimo e Nadia (“One without the other, something unimaginable”, wrote Marco Gatti), along with their daughter Stefania, today possess the same enthusiasm as when they were just beginning, as well as the same disarming, provoking convictions: after all, what matters only is to cook well.

A philosophy of simplicity which one expresses by unforgettable plates, such as Bread and tomatoes, Bites of Muscovy Duck, Spaghetti with Spring Onions. All extraordinary recipes, yet so familiar: a true ‘cuisine of the heart’.

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AIMO E NADIA Le squisitezze del cibo e dell’anima

A loving itinerary between food and taste, emotions, history and culture, traditions and modernity through the conversations we had with Aimo, Nadia, their daughter Stefania, paolo Ferrari and Marco Dotti. From this multi-voiced voyage a type of manifesto of what the cuisine of Aimo and Nadia represents is born.
The thousands year old Italian tradition presents itself with its incomparable history of stratifications and over-lapping, even with the changes towards the most advanced contemporaneous art, is the heart of the preparations of the two great cooks. Yet, all remains intact to their rigorous methods, and without allowing the true nature of the elements to undergo artificially contrived manipulations. The recipes, far from the constraints of tradition, are the place of transformation and of the perennial research towards new horizons to yet explore. The renewed discovery of combining foods in an unusual way is in itself the ability of introducing even the most simple and popular ingredients, those that even in a simple meal can be sublime in lively recipes of a most incisive efficiency … truly gifts of the earth, of the sun and the Mediterranean sea.
Exquisite and never repeated appear the meshing of flavours in the preparation of dishes of Aimo and Nadia, knowing in matching and balancing, creating symmetries, leaving us astonished when faced with the mastery with which they were put together. And not to mention the desserts of Stefania and her collaborators: sweets resultant from advanced projects, the ingredients a result of subtle invention.
A further stratification of emotion and thought – turned to the synergy of the senses, the spirit and the mind – is expressed through the Installation-composition within this place, anticipated on the façade.
The meshing of architecture and shapes of art, in the interaction between consonant and dissonant signs – stashed away in the outskirts of Milan –, opens up to the unique hospitality and experience which “Il Luogo di Aimo e Nadia” offers every day to whoever might have the pleasure of it.

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