Celebrate with us the New Year’s Eve in Music by Voce Aimo and Nadia, a special evening that combines Voce’s gastronomic excellence with musical entertainment, curated by the artistic direction of Clara Dellavalle, thanks to which guests will be taken on a journey of melodies ranging from jazz standards to pop and contemporary sounds.

The menu for this special event was specially designed and created by Chef Lorenzo Pesci.

Voce’s welcome

Violet oyster au gratin with verbena and buffalo mozzarella cheese

Raw ‘purple’ shrimps from Santa Margherita in cocktail sauce

Grilled Adriatic cuttlefish, turnip greens and candied Coastal lemon

Sila potato with sour cream and Traditional Royal caviar

Carnaroli Gran Riserva Risotto with roast base and white Alba truffle scent

Baked Ligurian Sea turbot with braised cauliflower and balsamic vinegar reduction

Roasted local duck breast with baked pumpkin, honey and thyme chestnuts

Sweet New Year

300.00 per person, excluding drinks