Our restaurants

Taste memory and contemporaneity to enhance the Italian food and wine heritage, this is the goal the Group intends to pursue in the three restaurants. Within Il Luogo, VOCE and BistRo, although with unique culinary offerings, the same philosophy remains, namely to use excellent raw materials, respecting the original flavors and focusing on the quality of ingredients.

A harmonious fusion of tradition and innovation animates the hearts of chefs Negrini and Pisani (Il Luogo), Sabrina Macrì (BistRo) and Lorenzo Pesci (VOCE): each brings with them unique talents, different experiences, but the same innate passion and dedication to Italian Haute Cuisine. Heirs to a historic gustatory memory, they continue the path begun sixty years ago by Aimo and Nadia, projecting their innovative vision into the future.

logo Il Luogo ristorante stellato

A culinary proposal defined a vision of contemporary Italian Haute Cuisine, where coexist not only the careful research work on ingredients, but also the special attention to the history of the product and the relationship with the producer.

From the welcoming to the selection of excellent raw materials and suppliers, from the preparation of dishes to the choice of wines: at Il Luogo, every act is a gesture of love towards customers.

Logo Voce Aimo e Nadia

From the collaboration with Intesa San Paolo, signed in 2018, VOCE Aimo e Nadia was born, located inside the splendid Gallerie d’Italia Museum. VOCE is Cafeteria, Artisanal Ice Cream Shop, Dispensa and Gourmet Restaurant: a friendly voice, a living room of excellence of Milan and the Milanese, where different experiences that embrace Art, Culture and Food converge.

A menu focused on Italian raw materials and excellence reinterpreted in a gourmet key with a style inspired by creative modernity, but which remains in the realm of Italian haute cuisine in which ingredients are carefully selected, respected and enhanced.

BistRo was born in 2018 from the idea of bringing together, in a space characterized by the creativity of Rossana Orlandi, the pleasure of taste and conviviality.

BistRo offers cuisine that is based on the same principles of Italian style that have been the hallmark of Aimo and Nadia’s path, revisited with simpler proposals to be enjoyed throughout the day.

Raw materials are selected from specific areas of the peninsula, indicated within the menu, as in a sort of virtual map.

A temple of Made in Italy where interior design meets Italian Haute Cuisine.