A Voice that Dialogues
with the Museum

In the beating heart of Milan, within the architectural complex where the Gallerie d’Italia Museum is housed, VOCE Aimo and Nadia was born. A space-threshold, a fluid place where Art, Culture and Food meet to merge, giving rise to different experiences within what can be defined as the Salotto d’eccellenza of Milan and the Milanese.
A new landmark of Milanese gastronomic culture articulated in four different environments: the Cafe, the Artisan Ice Cream Shop, the Pantry and the Gourmet Restaurant.


The kitchen at VOCE Aimo e Nadia is headed by chef Lorenzo Pesci, a young Marche promise of Italian haute cuisine who grew up in the province of Macerata and trained in Carlo Cracco’s brigade.
The Aimo and Nadia Group chose him for his multifaceted talent, creativity and joy in experimenting in the kitchen.
The chef offers a menu inspired by creative modernity, in which the use of Made in Italy excellences reinterpreted in a gourmet key stands out, with a focus on respect and care for the flavors and expertly selected products.
Inside the Gallerie d’Italia, the Aimo and Nadia Group ‘s vision of Italian cuisine is intertwined with the museum’s artistic offerings, giving rise to unprecedented experiences.



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in Musica

VOCE in Music is the project where sound meets taste in the beautiful setting of the Gallerie d’Italia Museum.