The project

November 2018, Piazza della Scala: chefs Negrini and Pisani decide to inaugurate VOCE Aimo e Nadia. A new business project for the two chefs who, by bringing experience, cooking ideas and a desire to experiment to the table, add new freshness to the Aimo e Nadia Group. A combination that confirms its philosophy: innovation is culture, respect for tradition, knowledge, only in this way does cooking become art.

My idea is to transform the best
Italian raw materials in gourmet dishes
enhancing the authentic flavors of each territory
and enhancing the art and history of multiple culinary cultures


The collaboration with Intesa Sanpaolo

The year 2018 marks the beginning of a collaboration between the Aimo e Nadia Group and Intesa Sanpaolo, which decided to entrust the Group with the overall management of catering services within the Piazza della Scala location, adjacent to and communicating with the Gallerie d’Italia. A museum center of great historical and artistic importance, formed by Palazzo Anguissola, Palazzo Canonica, Palazzo Beltrami and Casa Manzoni, which houses the study center of the same name. A new project, a spirit of novelty to experiment with new ways of being together and avenues of business, as well as a renewed desire for beauty and contamination between art and food.

In Piazza della Scala, VOCE Aimo e Nadia opened to the public on November 29, 2018, a fluid space in which art, food and culture become its stylistic signature.

VOCE offers the possibility to live four different experiences in as many environments: the Cafe where you can taste all the moments of the day, the Artisanal Gelateria of excellence of Gusto 17, the Dispensa where you can discover and buy niche products, and the Gourmet Restaurant that in the summer season moves to the Giardino di Alessandro Manzoni.

VOCE was born from art, talks about art and is immersed in the beating heart of Milan, in Piazza della Scala, precisely in the Gallerie d’Italia. “It can be considered the final part of the Museum, where visitors find originality, experimentation and exploration of new culinary languages,” stressed Michele Coppola, Intesa San Paolo’s central director of Art, Culture and Historical Assets, during the presentation press conference.

Group CEO Stefania Moroni explains that the VOCE sign was born out of her friendship with publicist and writer Gavino Sanna, who helped make suggestions and compile a list of about 50 possible names, pronouncing them aloud to see how they sounded. The choice fell on VOCE, a fitting word to pay homage to the restaurant’s vocation of telling stories through dishes. And it was Gavino Sanna himself who dedicated a poem to her that became the restaurant’s manifesto:

To tell you that I love you.

In a low Voice, waiting for your answer, in a high Voice.


With joy we decide to sing in full voice, not caring about anything.

Without music, with music.

The Voice of Friendship, of the Few, of All.

I, who make a wonderful profession dedicate to you a sign that will always be, for you, my Friendly Voice.

in Musica

VOCE in Music is the project where sound meets taste in the beautiful setting of the Gallerie d’Italia Museum.