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I Lunedì al Luogo are monthly event evenings for groups of 14 participants. They are centred around a particular wine and food theme, of which the various facets  are explored in detail. Producers of particular types of food, which may originate from land or sea or sky, are invited to demonstrate the particular qualities of the food they produce. For the occasion, chefs Fabio Pisani and Alessandro Negrini design a menu in which that particular food is the  protagonist and cornerstone. Erika Carretta in-Absence performer, costume and set designer, accompanies the food with her research into theatrical and literary texts. These become a backdrop or introduction, creating a juxtaposition which is sometimes moderate but at times may be more daring, in an examination of food and ideas. I Lunedì were the idea of Stefania Moroni. They provide a tapestry of qualities in which literature, art and gastronomic culture are interwoven, in a Luogo which has for many years had the characteristic quality of not only proposing refined and exquisite cuisine, but of pairing it with a welcome source of inspiration such as we find in artistic, literary and philosophical culture.

Concept and organization: Stefania Moroni
Menu: Alessandro Negrini and Fabio Pisani
Wine: Nicola Dell’Agnolo
Literary-theatrical itineraries: Erika Carretta


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