Two have always been the cooks
of Il Luogo
two will be the cooks in the future

Stefania Moroni, daughter of Aimo and Nadia, attests to the desire to give continuity to that project that began more than 60 years ago, a trattoria on Via Montecuccoli, which over time has become a restaurant with a Michelin Star. Today, the two chefs Alessandro Negrini and Fabio Pisani continue the journey, guided by an innovative vision, without forgetting the history of Italian gastronomy that has always inspired Il Luogo Aimo e Nadia. Continuous search for “Italian” taste, exaltation of the many culinary cultures of the peninsula and enhancement of flavors and knowledge.

A journey of cross-references in time and space

The culinary proposal of Il Luogo Aimo e Nadia starts from the richness of the Italian territory, of which all the history that the ingredient brings, the relationship with the producer and his knowledge and experience is recovered. From the fragrances and flavors of the peninsula, raw materials are reimagined through the creative gesture of chefs Alessandro Negrini and Fabio Pisani, creating new dishes with a matrix grounded in our history. Sommelier Alberto Piras is in charge of the selection of Il Luogo‘s Wine List: a rich, ever-changing list that features a prevalence of Italian labels, many French and from various European production areas.

Taste memory
and contemporary gesture
to offer an act
of love to the customer



A window from Il Luogo Aimo e Nadia to stay up-to-date on news, events and special collaborations.


Territori is the working method that elects the product as the true protagonist of the kitchen with the intent to rediscover Italian excellence and offer unique experiences to the guests of Il Luogo Aimo e Nadia